Instagram field

Hello i think would be useful to add a form field to share instagram social profile (when available) . That way is easier to know each other better and no needs anymore to upload pictures on couchers space in future.


Hi @Skyone, welcome to the forum!

Thinking a bit broader than that, different countries and demographics use different social media platforms, and that may change in the future as well. I’m sure a lot of users will want to link their instagram account as a way to share photos. We’d still want to have photo uploads as part of the platform because not everyone has instagram accounts or wants to share them if they do.

I guess there’s a few ways we could do this. We could include a specific social media section in the profile where users can list various accounts, or we could just leave it to users to put it in their regular about me section in their profile.


I put an Instagram link on my profile’s “about me” section already! You can use the link button in the rich text editor.


This seems most sensible to me. I really don’t think Couchers should be in the business of promoting or driving traffic to big social media companies.