Introduce email + password login in app

I know this is not a big issue for many users, but every day I delete my cache and passwords from my browsers, so whenever I have to login into the I have to go to my email to get the activation link. It is more time consuming and doesn’t work with any password manager.

I am a person who is bit concerned about personal privacy and hence I don’t have my email app on my mobile. So the workaround to log-in through the mob browser is very tedious as I have to get my link from email(laptop) then use a link shortener to shorten it and us it in my mobile, which make me feel to no more login.

From security concern I do understand the email activation link is better but may be an option to password + email would be better.



Found the solution to add password from within the app. I don’t know why I never found that before. I don’t want to delete the question so adding the resolution as an Update.


Yes, you can set and change your password in Account Settings, when logged in the app:


Thanks for bringing this up, @alanjacobmathew ! We actually have plans to make using your e-mail (or username) and a password the default option. We decided to do this since many users were getting confused and having issues logging in. Plus it’s just more user-friendly to use a username and password!

I don’t have an exact date on when the dev team plans to roll this out, but I can say it will be in the very near future! Thanks for your patience, and keep the feedback/suggestions coming! :slight_smile:


Could it be possible to make the app to remember logged-in users for longer? I haven’t been around for a week and it forgot me.

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