Introducing public categories

The forum has been accessible for logged in users only so far. We are now opening some public categories to get more reach and feedback as we advance with the platform.

What’s different in public categories?

Topics in public categories will be readable by anyone on the internet. You can also link back to posts and topics from anywhere outside the forum (use the link icon below the post for quick access).

Usernames and miniature avatars will be visible to everyone in a public category.

You’ll still need to sign in to post or see any detailed information about a user, as on their card or user profile.

How do we distinguish public and non-public categories?

All non-public categories will stay as they are and are marked by colored squares:

Screenshot from 2020-11-17 20-57-29

Public categories will have no color and are marked by icons:


What to post in public categories?

Go ahead and open any new topic in #public. We’ll give it more structure with sub-categories as we have more public content.

Give it a try :slight_smile:


Should we move a few interesting topics here, and make a pinned post called ‘log in for more discussions’ that explains what they’re seeing? I worry that someone will come and see only a couple of posts and go away because they perceive a lack of activity

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I’m not so fond of moving existing topics. I’d be more curious to start afresh and iterate on the structure we want to give to that.

I started a welcome post! Please edit Welcome to the Public Forum.

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Can non-signed in members also comment?

No, that’s actually not possible afaik. There’s an anonymous mode, but it means already registered users can switch to anonymized posting.