Inviting users to help grow the platform

We’ve recently added a new section to the dashboard to encourage users to help grow the platform:

What do you think about the suggestions here. Are they reasonably achievable? Is there anything we can add? Reading it, are you convinced to do any of the suggestions?

The text is:

We cannot build this platform without your help. If you want to see grow, there are many ways you can help.

Tell your friends: If anyone you know would be excited about this new platform, please tell them! If they’re active couch surfers and you trust them, we want them here!

Social media: Spread the word on your social media platforms. If you are part of any groups or discussions (e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp groups), please post there. Even better, try to talk to moderators and convert existing groups to include, like they did in the Chicago community.

Talk about us at events: If you head to any events listed on other couch surfing platforms, mention us to people there!

YouTubers, Bloggers, Influencers and Media: If you know any people out there making videos, blogs, or posts about couch surfing or travel in general, talk to them and see if they would like to make any content about the platform. Get in contact with local news outlets or magazines and see if they would be interested in hearing about


I think that’s good information, but asking quite a lot of commitment. I’d love to see a more accessible feature that lowers the hurdle to share and spread the word. E.g. two links:

  • “Spread the word” - generates a general share link to or, with styled previews for social media (chats, twitter, fb,…)

  • “Invite a friend” - generates a one-time link (“Join me on!”) that can be shared by chat and will direct to the sign-up page. When signing up following the link, invitee and inviter will automatically be friends.


Even better, try to talk to moderators and convert existing groups to include, like they did in the Chicago community.

Wow, amazing.

Couchsurfing .com is scared of this happening everywhere, that’s why they banned mentioning and using those facebook groups over which they have no control!

Maybe listing all these facebook groups would help?

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Great idea but think it’s indeed missing some buttons that will make it easier to share, either through social media or mail or so (with a premade text).


I love it. Reminded me of HC, there was something similar in there back then.

Sharing buttons would be useful too, maybe if we could share some kind of card with our profile basic info? Like a “find me on Couchers” with a sign up thingy? I’d personally be more drawn to join a platform by joining my friends, than joining first and having to find them later :slight_smile: It’s a silly detail, but it makes a difference for me on whether to join a platform or not.


That’s a great point. An invitation feature is high up there in our priority list! (Unfortunately that list is super long, and there’s a lot up there :stuck_out_tongue:)

Unfortunately it’s a bit tricky to get those preview cards to work nicely due to some technical issues, but we could do the sharing and are going to attack these technical issues soon as well.


BTW I noticed yesterday that when you tag Couchers on FB ( it automatically adds a link to the website. That’s useful :slight_smile: