Is Couchers still active?

Hello, is couchers still active ? It looks like people still use it but it looks like nobody coding anymore ?

Hi there and welcome! Like you said - there are plenty of active hosts and guests, but development has slowed down over time. If you have something specific you want to help with, you can consider signing up as a volunteer and expressing your area of expertise.

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what is missing is an activity on forum, that is what mekes the community alive.

About misisng developers: maybe if the choiche would have been to not use almost monolithic platform, but using smaller modules, giving developers the choiche on which libraries to use, would have make more people willing to help, without having to learn some dialect that would not be of any other use for them, and to use communication tools extremely unfriendly. (maybe is a choice of who designed couchers, since also all the system is extremely unfriendly)

I do find it useful somehow to find hosts or meet people, and I receive requests from time to time, but surely we need more progress on tech side to support active events and expand the community.