Is the Inappropriate Category Only For Moderators?

Ok @Emily made a post about this category and wrote you can answer. but when clicking on @adrians topic i cant answer.
I saw @kellyt attacking @adrian and im not happy with this!
All of you helping together against him is not building a community, it is mobbing.
Yes he said sexist things but he started personal attacks after he got attacked.
Right now i have to agree with him, you are hypocritical-

@Nolo is the best moderator so far. The others are not really active and some even seem to be underground police without even writing here. Easy to silence others when you dont say a word…

So i think we only have first world countrys (1 Europe, 2 times australia, 1 time usa) in moderators? Not fair, or you think? And just one womxn? Just 1 non native english speaker? This is not good moderator team to me… He asked for cultural diversity and he is right, you tend to get to affacted with him commenting. Maybe some need a forum break

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I had moved the post and it’s replies to Inappropriate :wink:

You should be able to reply, if you can’t, we have to change category settings. It’s not the intended behaviour.

I cant neither in adrians topic nor in emilys explanation of the category.

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I asked admins to change the setttings.

Regarding your feedback, how do you perceive moderation to be hypocritical?

I mean, to me it’s quite a strong word suggesting moral corruption… and I can’t see that at all. I actually see everyone here, not only moderators or volunteers, in it with the best intentions. Isn’t it just human that people clash?

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Hi there! That was my fault, I missed the settings during the category setup. You should be able to reply now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

It was a misstake bc i thaught first you attack him @anon46748786 and than you closed topic.
so noone can point out:
comment on the comment not commenter!

(Will explain later how)

And i think inappropriate is good category IF its open;)

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Great! A few more thoughts on the approach:

We started the category because we realized we have to balance preferences. If we don’t move contentious remark, it’s practically impossible to discuss some topics, because they constantly go off the rails. A portion of users will also feel rightfully offended or put off to participate, and we don’t want that either.

At the same time other users want to see a very transparent approach to moderation and understand and be able to argue about contentious content.

Apart from this, violations of terms of service (like hate speech, attacks and copyright violations) will not be handled transparently, but directly removed.

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Just to balance the scale: I’m content with the mod team. I think they do a great work and have been very nice and supportive when I had an issue, and respect and support and encourage people expressing their opinions even when they don’t share the same view. So 10/10 would recommend.

As a woman I take any sexist remark as a personal attack. The personal is political and viceversa. :fist::purple_heart:

Just my 2 cents


I criticise to help them improve. I stated that i think @nolo is the best. I am happy they have a woman. I just wish for another non native english speaker and i even had you in mind! I like the way you voice your opinion in this forum!

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/insert gif of someone running away from responsabilities/