Is there no "search bar" on the forum?

Before I started a new topic I wanted to check if it had not been started before elswhere and I couldn’t find a “search bar” feature to search for keywords in the forums.


You can find “Search” from the menu hamburger at the top, else go to:

We could make it easier to find if people are having trouble

I agree that it needs to be more obvious.

I’m new here and I wouldn’t have noticed that it exists if I hadn’t stumbled over this topic first. And then I even forgot again where it was and today when I wanted to search for something I had to go back to this topic to read your reply again. :sweat_smile:
Now that I used it I won’t forget it anymore but it probably shouldn’t be this hard to find.

The menu can still have a link to the full search page with the advanced options. But a search bar that’s always visible in the header would be great. The results would then still bring you to the full search page with options.


Also the fact that non-logged in users can’t search since they can’t access the ham-menu unless they login back.


Thanks for the feedback! We put the search icon back on the header bar :point_up_2::eyes:


Awesome, this is much better! :heart: