Issue with password reset for couchers app

I forgot my password for couchers app and there is no way I can have a reset email back it seems
I’m following the only procedure available , putting my mail and click submit but I’m not receiving any email
Please if anybody can help would be appreciated

Hi Giowide,

I tried this and it appears to work for me.

I ended up at from where I was able to request a reset.
I did it twice (once with email address, and once with username).
Both times, I received the email.

(In case it’s relevant to any developers, I do have the “new notification system” enabled in feature preview.)


Hi Giowide,

Might be a silly question, but are you sure you did use the username / email that you did use to register with on (even case sensitive and no secret spaces?)
This is the most common issue when it doesn’t work.
I did try it as well, and also for me it did work without issues.

Did you also check your spam if it didn’t get in there by accident?

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I did experience the same issue, but on my mobile.
My laptop didn’t have the issue.
Think this has to do with the different layout and therefor different urls or something, but we need to ask the developers about this issue.

Giowide, please can you supply more details for them?

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Hi @Giowide: thanks for reporting and thanks @SimonNightOwl and @richee for helping out!

Could you please double check you are writing your username/email in lowercase (many phones auto-capitalize the first word in the text field)?

That seems to be the cause when I do it on my mobile (this is definitely a bug and we’ll fix this as soon as we get to it).

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Aapeli, you seem to be right.
did test it and when it was uppercase I didn’t get a reset email.

Problem (kinda) solved.

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