July 12th Update

Couchers.org July 12th Update

We’re happy to say that over the past six weeks we have been hard at work and now have a few updates to share with you.

Over at the development team, topics like user privacy and security are a priority to make sure we deliver a rock-solid platform. We’ve devised a way to work together across several time zones and with varying skill sets. To that end, there is now a structure for development and testing that suits our needs, as well as basic documentation and instructions for getting started on the codebase for developers. We now have a structure for backend, an API, and a temporary frontend that can be used until the graphic design and UX/UI team have polished their work. Our first versions of authentication, profiles, friends, and search are also finished along with a robust test suite. Next, we’re tackling references and messaging, as well as deploying an alpha version that users will be able to start poking around and give feedback on.

The design team has been focused on making sure our core values translate to the visual presentation of the website and app. After deeply exploring what our core values are, and taking those findings into our first design sprint, we were able to create and review mood boards that hopefully capture the look/feel/vibe we want to express. The next step is a first pass at logo concepts, which we’re really looking forward to!

Meanwhile, the community team is discussing how to grow Couchers.org organically. We’re excited to share with you this link to the community forum where you can meet the development team, as well as other members of Couchers.org. For now, the community will only be open to those who have the link - like you! Now is your chance to let your voice be heard before we roll out the first test version of the platform.

Once we’re satisfied that we’ve gathered as much feedback from you as possible, we’ll open up the forum - and the test version - to the public. And that’s when the fun begins!

Wishing you the best,
The Volunteers at Couchers.org
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