July 18th platform update

Hi everyone! We’ve just rolled out the latest release with a tonne of exciting new things, including the first bit of events, our new Community Guidelines, and a bunch of other stuff!!

List of biggest new features and significant bug fixes:

  • Events: released the first part of events, a read-only display of events created by moderators, more coming soon
  • Community Guidelines: we’ve added some brief Community Guidelines to help us build a safe and fun community together!
  • Signup: completely redesigned the signup flow to make it easier and more intuitive
  • References: we now send hosts and surfers reminders to write references after hosting experiences
  • Profile: replaced sexes (e.g. female) with genders (e.g. woman) after feedback from the community on the forum
  • Settings: added the user’s username on the settings page
  • Admin: implemented a first set of admin tools for moderators and the support team
  • Profile: the avatar upload no longer requires you to scroll down and click “Save” to save the avatar
  • Requests: we fixed a host/surfing request ordering bug which possibly hid some requests for users with more than 10 requests of a given type
  • Signup and settings: we fixed a bug that was preventing users from signing up or changing their password
  • Profile: your visited and lived regions are now sorted
  • Backend: we did a whole lot of code refactoring under the hood, so things should be a bunch more solid and future-proof now!

Please go try it out on the app: https://app.couchers.org


If you’re having trouble with things: please try to hard refresh the page! We’ve been observing some caching issues on certain browser configurations. That should fix almost all issues!