Lack of responses to requests/messages

Im really dissapointed about this website… If this suppouse to be the old way of non profit Couchsurfing and on like 95% of messages i sent i never got even a word response… Even on the comercial CS i found many more serious and active members…

I concur.
Couchsurfers were very social. I do not see the same with Couchers.
I been an early members of both sites

problem is that messaging system is ugly and very unfriendly (starting with not sending the text of the messge in the notification, but forcing to log in (a porocedure that itself is unfriendly) , something that contributes to a lot of delays (not to say to forget it) in answering.

Keep trying. It’s still very early days. There’s not many active members on this platform yet (you will have noticed, I’m sure, as with CS, the majority of profiles are inactive / dead). Even at best, there are only ±20,000 sign-ups on this site, versus ±14,000,000 CS users, so of course you’re going to find more active people on that platform (although arguably, the best of them have long jumped ship).

Also, as with CS, Couchers is a network built on trusted connections, so you may find fewer responses until you have a few references.

How about you start something @tomploszaj? Because that’s how things start.


Where are you looking? A community tends to be as active as it’s community builders and more engaged members. Some areas are just not that active yet.

When writing people, you do need to put in a little extra effort to get a response on Couchers. I find checking their last login time to be the most helpful.

In addition, notifications are not effective at the moment (as people only get updates via email). We still don’t have an app. We are working on building those aspects. That’s part of what makes this a Beta, and we’re counting on early users like you to help boost the activity on the platform. It’s a work in progress - and we recognize that won’t appeal to everyone at this point.


I have a different viewpoint on Couchers members being social. I joined just before moving to Istanbul for a year. When I checked to see what activities were going on, there was a meetup scheduled for every two weeks, with around 6 people attending. By the time I left, there were meetups every week, alternating between the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus, with anywhere from 16-25 people enjoying each others’ company. There were also quite a few other activities- house parties, bowling meetups, picnics, beach days.

There are over 700 members in Istanbul, one of the most active cities. I did a quick check of New Hampshire, where you are, and there are only 9 at this time, with four or five of those active within the past three months. It’s going to take time. And probably some effort.

I’m now in Koh Samui, Thailand. There is only one other profile listed on the island, and she didn’t respond to my message either. So I’ll have some work to do to get people involved here. I was a Community Builder in Istanbul, and I like to think that I had at least something to do with the explosive growth in the active members there. I see that you are also not inexperienced in leadership roles, being an incumbent state representative. Good luck on your re-election bid! Maybe you can use your influence to grow the community there, too.

I’ve never visited New Hampshire, just passed through on my way from Boston to Maine back in 2016. When I return to the States as a “tourist”, my plan is to buy a motorcycle and visit all of the cool places I didn’t see when I lived there as a citizen. Maybe I’ll send you a couch request or meet up for a beer when I ride through your state.


I am, at the moment, preoccupied with many ongoing projects and possible future situations. I will though reassess my present Coucher’s involvement.


I had reached out to the NH Couchers (one from my previous town) no replies, and with Couchers in Virginia with one reply.
I was active on the Globalfreeloaders and Stay4free sites prior to finding Couchsurfing, all interactions pleasant interactions ( my profiles may still be up on them).

By the time you return to the states my time, family, and community service dynamics will be more settled. I’m easy to find, my John Hancock being on my issues.

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I agree, IMO these are the main 2 things slowing us down.