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so i was checking my Couchers profile page and it said i was “last active” 13 minutes ago, yet i wasn’t visiting the site till just now, like a few mins ago, is the “last active” incorrect in some ways?

also, does visiting the Community page count as being active on the App page?

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I am glad you brought this up. Mine shows incorrect time, too. It has always been like this- since I created my Couchers profile in April. Literally anytime I log in it says “online XX minutes ago” even when I haven’t been logged in for several hours and haven’t checked the forum either.

It’s rounded to 15 minutes blocks. It should say “Less than 15 minutes ago”. There is an open issue :slight_smile:

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Being on the forum (if this is what you mean by community page) should not affect the app at all at the moment.

Just to clarify; last active is updated whenever you do anything on So if you load your profile, that counts as being active! Hence you’ll never see yourself as not having been active recently.

yeah but like i use forums mostly, but whenever i check app.couchers i see my Last Active time as being some random minute between 1-15 minutes i guess, instead of just 1min or 0min considering i’m on the page right now

It’s rounded down to the latest 15 minutes for privacy. (So e.g. I’m writing this at 13:42, so it’ll be rounded down to 13:30 and would show up as “12 minutes ago”.)


This was fixed now, it should say “less than an hour ago” if the user was active within the last hour. Let us know if there’s any more issues!