Lost messages between host & guest

Here’s what happened:

  1. I contacted a host last month and invited him to visit me (had to do this via couch request as there’s no way to contact anyone unless you’re already friends).

  2. We confirmed dates. And became “friends”.

  3. Yesterday he contacted me, really confused. Here’s what he said, “The original messages you sent me seem to have disappeared or been deleted. And I can’t remember when you invited me for dinner! Could you re-send me the details, your number etc? Sorry! I’m still working out how this website works!”

  4. Of course, what happened was that the original conversation was to be found under his “hosting” tab, but he’d contacted me via the “chats” tab.

Perhaps, to make communication more intuitive, once a friend request has been accepted, conversations are merged, or duplicated over each tab? Alternatively, perhaps this issue could be mitigated if it was possible to reach out to someone via chat, rather than couch request (discussed elsewhere, I know). Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Sorry to hear about the confusion, it’s definitely not super intuitive at the moment :/. We have plans to merge the messaging and requesting system, but it’s a fairly big effort given already existing data and the way the database is laid out, so it’ll take some time to come out!

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