Map outlines missing from 'Map Search'?

Admittedly, it’s been too long since I dedicated some cycles to perusing the ‘App’ side of this great invention. Today I tried out the Map Search feature and am completely baffled about how to use it - except to type some location name into the ‘Near Location’ search widget and hope for the best. The other half the page has lots of circles with numbers in them that would seem to correspond with populated areas of the globe - right?
So I start clicking on circles and get more, smaller, circles until I finally get a ‘map tack’ icon. Clicking on that reveals a profile for someone that claims to be in, say, South America, while I was hoping to find profiles from people in Europe, maybe. I go back to clicking bigger circles, hoping to discover some similarity between the layout of the circles and my (somewhat limited) knowledge of the populations of the civilized world, arranged by continents. My next ‘map tack’ was in Africa - right direction, sorta, but not what I was looking for.
Are there supposed to be continent boundary markings - even approximate or dashed ones - on the map that shows the numbered circles? What am I missing here? I love to just browse.

Hello EU.Won,

First of all, they are still trying to improve the site, so thanks a lot for all the input we get.

The circles with numbers are the number of possible hosts in that area, coincidentally they will be similar to populated areas.

We know that some people put in a wrong location.
This might be because they do live in place X, but are currently in location Y.
Also some people don’t like to put in their own location for whatever reason.
If you spot people who are way way off (not even in the same country) you can always file a report.
If you explain in the report what’s going on, than those people will not be marked as offenders, but rather get a message with the request to change their location and the time to adjust this.

If however you feel that the mistake is not by the user but by the map, you can also file a report and they will investigate this and adjust if needed.

There are no real boundaries apart from country’s.
The reason for this is that you might want to look in a location for example Monaco, but you can also find plenty of hosts in Nice for example.

Never the less, thanks for the reply, because we want to make it as clear as possible for as many people as possible.

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I don’t have much to add other than that elsewhere on the forum it has been mentioned the devs are hard at work improving the search functions, map search in particular. I just wanted to add that I simply love the way you narrated your experience. Thanks for sharing!

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