Map Search

Just looked at “Map Search” for the first time.

  • First, have “Map Search” reload (and the search filter empty) when you reclick on “Map Search”.

  • Second, here put the stats at the top that you often provide by email of “Number of current users”; “Number of active community builders”; “Number of community builder applications”. Preferably as a live ticker, but static if too complicated.

  • Third, I thought back to an issue mentioned by Jesse that there are a ton of Community Builder applications to sift through. My suggestion would be to add the location of community builders to the global map. Made-up example to explain what I mean:

  1. Norman (from Perth, Australia) is a community builder. Have something to show that there are community builders in that area. Quick Paint job below to add a diamond around the person:


That way when I travel to Perth, Australia, I will know that there is a community builder for me to contact (or likewise, you won’t get 10 people from the same city offering to be community builder - they would just go to Norman).

  1. If a city/town doesn’t have a community builder but has someone who has applied, have a slightly different colour. Here’s Lorenzo from Guadalajara who has applied to be a community builder:


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