Mother and Son Trip/Southern Thailand/Feb 2023

We are an Australian mother and son. My eldest son, Lucas is on a gap year before he starts university and we are heading to southern Thailand for a month. We start in Langkawi, Malaysia on Feb 12th and will make our way up the tail of Thailand to Bangkok, departing March 13th.

We welcome any tips, hints, positive comments and offers to host or meet up in Thailand.
We have both been part of the hospitality community since 2006 and enjoy both hosting and staying with locals. We are experienced travellers and understand the true value of global friendships.

Hope to meet you one day :slight_smile:

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Hi Prunella, the statistics say that in the past 7 days there were less than 20 people active on this forum. To get more traction I would suggest you to post this directly on couchers website in the communities rather than on the forum. You can browse communities (Global community, Asia-Pacific community, or be more specific and post it in Malaysia and Thailand communities as well). Good luck on your trip!

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