Multiple identical location in search (and others minor bugs)


The search feature seems to be a bit br0ken :smiley:
1/ It returns multiple times the same item, try searching for 2 :

2/ it should display the longest match first :
(Turkey should be on top, it’s not listed).

3/ Select a location from the list
Should not be display if there is no list displayed.
Press enter to choose a location
is okay

4/ Searching for “a”[ENTER]
displays a list.
If the user type BACKSPACE to delete the “a”, the pull down menu should disappear, immediately, or after typing ENTER again. Or something.

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All very good points @yichnal :slight_smile: normally these technical issues would be reported through the “report a bug” section of the site, but I think it’s good for the community to see what has been reported, too. Maybe someone from the dev team can explain what’s going wrong here and/or if it can be fixed. Nice to see you here!

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I used the Report a bug button a couple of time, but I don’t know how to include a screen shot with my message.
Is it possible ?

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It’s not possible for now to add a screenshot to bugs reported through the app, sorry! We might look into it in the future, but it’s a bit tricky.


I’m not sure it’s worth the effort if the dev team reads this forum.
You can always create a more specific bug report related topic in the forum too.

As far as I’m concerne, I see a bug, I report it one way or another :smiley:


That’s the spirit! :slight_smile:


Thank you for pointing out this problem!

If you have a Github account, you can find the bug on the list of open issues and post the screenshot there But discussion of any issues and suggestions for improvement can and should be discussed here in the forum. Feedback is super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback!