Multiple people profiles

Back ago, CS had profile option for “multiple people”. I wish something like that was available.

We are a couple, we host together and we travel together, so it makes no sense to have two separate profiles, but the way how the profile looks and behaves, it makes it difficult. The first line in the profile is gender and age - and it’s already a thing where we don’t match. We have one profile everywhere and we try to make it clear in the text, but it would be easier if we could state in the first line we are a couple, not a single person.

Some people have separate profiles, but it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world: you have to update twice the same information, it’s not easy to make clear it’s one household (and you send two requests) and if you want to leave feedback, you’d have to write it twice (or four times, if the other people are also a couple hosting/traveling together)


this is more or less our situation, but I don’t find this a problem.
We’re a couple, but at the same time we are 2 personalities.
We had in CS a link in our profile to each other with not to miss statements you’re dealing with 2 people.
It will be the same again in couchers once we get active again.

For anyone communicating with us, it is also always very clear who they talk to.

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One idea that was mentioned previously was linking profiles. That way you can each have your own profile, but they would be linked together so that you can receive and send requests at the same time as one.

There is a whole discussion thread on this idea here:

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Missed that thread. Good ideas mentioned and yes, the linking outlined could be a solution. I’ll write more there.

We had a shared CS account until the end (I guess noone reported us for having it? and since I was ambassador I guess they oversaw it too) and I enjoyed having a “family” account.