New help page with answers to frequently asked questions!

We recently created a Help page that contains answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to use the website. The help page is linked on the bottom of the main webpage and you can find it here:

A few issues with the help page that we plan to fix soon:

  1. We plan to have a more prominent link to the help pages on the navbar of the platform and in the footer of both the website and the platform.
    2. The links on the help page don’t directly take you to the specific question you click on. After clicking the link you need to scroll up to see the question. This is a known issue that we will be fixing soon. This is now fixed thanks to @aapeli !
  2. This is a temporary page to answer the most common questions until we have our “handbook” ready. It is not a complete list of all potential questions and it does not go into issues in detail. The handbook will discuss topics in much more detail and provide examples and additional guidance.
  3. The sections about messaging will be updated since it is now possible to message anyone!

Other than the problems mentioned above (which we already have plans to fix), please let us know if you have any feedback regarding this page. Thank you!


Hey @Jesse! First off thanks for this incredible effort, it looks amazing and I am really happy to see this page and to be able to link it to people from now on :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention that one section already needs an update because you n message anyone now without being friends! I’m sure you’re working on that already!!

Thanks very much! I’m glad it’s finally live on the website :smiley:

Indeed! I mentioned in #3 above that it needs to be updated, which I hope to do soon. I’m super excited to be able to message everyone! I just hope people use the reporting feature if they get any spam, inappropriate messages, etc.

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Oh I am a dummy sometimes, completely missed that. You’re on top of things as usual :smiley:

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