On mobile, viewing a host request barely has space for messages

In iPhone 13 mini Chrome maybe 1/4 of the screen is available to show the chat messages. I have a screenshot, but this forum doesn’t allow image uploads or links so there is no way to communicate this. Why such restrictions? Many other forums aren’t like this and still able to deal with the occasional spam.

Also users still can’t add multiple pics to their profile. General site UX is idiosyncratic and not intuitive or consistent with other site norms.

Is development still active? I get requests fairly often so people are using it. I’m not sure the developers are though.

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I have the same problem. I have to like scroll up and fiddle around with it. :confused: Developmemt is at a snail’s pace right now but I’m holding out hope that it’ll pick up again soon.

It il a problem affecting also other hospex communities [ask WS !] : Who write the application want a pretty one, not a fuctional one, so this is the result of supplying a canned application rather than an open set of api to be called by apps that can be written by anyone, with the features one consider more important.
Shame on couchers team.