Passwords are now required

Hi all,

Due to a lot of feedback from users, we’ve decided that passwords are now mandatory on the platform, and we’ve rolled out a software update to make this change (among a whole bunch of other exciting changes).

Prior to today, it was possible to use the platform without ever really setting a password: when you logged in, we would just email you a login link and you could click on the link and be logged in. However, a lot of people found this confusing and weren’t shy to tell us so! So we’ve decided to deprecate the login links and go with just passwords:

When you log in next, you’ll be prompted to create a password.

Please let us know if you have any issues! As always, you can click the red “Report a problem” button and the devs will triage the issue. We look at all your reports and they really shape the decisions we make.

Thanks for all the feedback and happy couch surfing!


Hello, Aapeli.
Thanks for the update.
Although I prefer to use a password to login, I’ve seen more and more sites offering the “magic link” option. So, maybe we could turn it into an option (default: password), that can be set in user’s settings (together with other things that could be useful, as default language, default distance measure unit, etc.).
Hope this helps.

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the magic link is more secure. and no password’s can be hacked.