Permanently ongoing live chat/event?

The past couple of months we’ve tossed around the idea of transitioning the weekly event to a permanent ongoing zoom call. The idea is that anyone around could join whenever they have time or feel like being social/meeting other couchers, and if no one is there, it’s not a big deal for now. We could experiment with this to see if it’s popular or successful, and maybe as a group effort the first few days we do it we could take turns moderating it and discussing how it goes.

When we first started weekly events, there was no other way to meet members of the community and answer their questions about couchers. However, now we have town hall meetings for that. Attendance to online events has been historically low (and it’s not for a lack of members - it’s probably just a sign that people’s schedules are getting less and less predictable).

Ideas we discussed:

  • Have a link on the dashboard to join the Zoom call anytime, 24/7, where users can drop by and see if anyone else is around for a chat. Leave it unmoderated but allow for users to report unpleasant user behavior straight to support (added benefit: easily educate or weed out members of the community that don’t understand our community values). Some people said that over time, moderator-like users could emerge as the people most frequently on the call and most vested in keeping it pleasant.
  • Potentially have it on just one day a week (like the weekly event, but for an entire 24-hour period). It could also be featured on the Dashboard. It could be something like “Live Chat Tuesday” or whatever. This could be moderated in shifts or again, not at all.
  • Whatever we do, the current amount of people on the call should be displayed somehow. People may be more tempted to join if they see the number besides the link, if it’s at all possible.

Does anyone else from the community - especially previously frequent attendees like @Climbatiz, @Aleja, @nolo, @womxn, @phaula, @coboat, @meow, @Push-K, @lenanrt, @Danny, @jay, @darren want to chime in on this?

Personally, I’d probably be on the call a lot, at least at the beginning. I’m free a lot of the day. I don’t know if I’d always participate, but I wouldn’t mind having it on like 4-5 hours per day when I can. I love meeting people! I’d also consider going in for 15 mins or so during our regular Istanbul meetup so that Istanbul can say hi to any passers by :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I’m finding it nigh impossible to be at the scheduled meeting times week to week, and it’s not because I don’t have time… it’s because I don’t have that specific time. I think I’m probably not the only one in that situation!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to other thoughts from the community!


not a bad idea, if possible i agree it would be useful to be able to see if any1 is on, also maybe make a thread where people who frequent the zoom call can post what days/hours you might find them there


Ohhh good idea, so that people can kinda plan around each other’s schedules. I like it.

Would be cool! Now I can’t make it to any of the regular events because of the time zone, but would be glad to be able to say hi to everyone


yeaaaa I find it a good suggestion. maybe not 24/7 online but a 24hrs day call will be awesome.

and perhaps we can have a list of hourly schedule whereby people can drop their name down so that others can see who/how many people online and make it livelier.

it will be better than still having a small number of people in the end which may not be that fun and it’s also hard for people who first met each other to have prolong conversation.

it allows anyone to pop in from time to time and someone can even pop in multiple times a day for different timezone whenever they are free to interact with new groups


I think it would be easier to just have a chat room. I remember that was a great way back in the days to meet CSrs. I dont like zoom because requires camera and mic most of the time, or at least, that’s the main purpose.

how about an official Discord Couchers server?, can text chat there aswell as voicechat

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Love that idea!
Would recommend that we try alternating different days throughout the month to optimize people with varying schedules or would that be too chaotic to schedule?

Happy to also have the informal throw your name down to host. I would love to do some online games (e.g. online Catan, dominon, or other fun things). Not sure what the interest is like there though.

Someone mentioned Discord - personally not a fan, but is an easy way to get more and more people engaged. Not sure what it’s like with ++ users, if it also becomes quite chaotic.

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Wow, lots of great ideas. @Meow, do you happen to have any ideas for how people could sign up for a time slot for hosting or being around? I can’t seem to think of any tool that allows you to do that kind of scheduling but maybe there’s something out there.

@deasunshine i understand what you mean about being on camera and audio and a chat room would be nice too, but somehow being able to see and hear each other I think builds a stronger community feel, maybe because it’s not as anonymous?