Pictogram design for website

Did some quick photoshop/gimp works for pictograms we could use once the website goes live.

Pictogram for available couches and how much spaces you have

As some people might be colorblind a extra letter/symbol might help them out.
Y = Yes
? = Maybe
N = No

Pictogram for Meet-Up

Green for Yes
Orange for Maybe
Red for No

Pictogram for references
Reference scale

Shows a quick view on how the host if viewed by past surfers. Could add a number to show how many surfers have been hosted.

Pictogram for messages (received/sent)

Might help to keep track on send couch requests and received answers/requests.

Give your honest opinion. The better the website looks the easier it will be to use and so we get more people using it.


Hey, I agree little pictograms would be useful additions.

The hangout pictogram, for the same reasoning as available couches pictogram, shouldn’t rely only on colour for status - being accomodating to the colour-blind, as you say, means status should be represented through an extra symbol as well.


That’s what I explained with the first symbol:

Y = Yes will host/meet/hangout
? = might hist/might meet/maybe hangout
N = Won’t host at the moment/don’t meet/sorry no hangout

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I like all those pictures. tienenaar. Anything that helps people narrow down the host they are looking for when there could be many is a good idea.
But why did you withdraw the post?

a Administrator thought it was a bit to confusing in the other post that’s why it was withdrawn.

For finding host/travelers close by I think they are looking into using some sort of card based map with pinpoints to locate people