POLL: Are you checking in on any communities?

It’s been a while since we released communities on the app.couchers.org site and more pop up every day. Since we don’t have notifications yet, you have to check them on your own to see what’s going on in terms of local info, discussions, and events. The question is, which (if any) are you checking in on?

  • I check the global community
  • I check my regional community
  • I check my country community
  • I check my local community
  • I check multiple communities across the world
  • The communit(ies) I’m interested in haven’t been added yet
  • I’m not interested in communities right now

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Feel free to sound off in the replies about your reasons and concerns!

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For those whose communities haven’t been added yet: we’re recruiting community builders, you know…. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d be happy to host a community.

(But can’t video chat if that’s a requirement)

I am brand new and I find the naming to be confusing, as per:

"Communities are regions where activities occur.
Based on your settings you have been made a member of:
“Global” where-from you can find others, or
“Europe etc etc” which is a confusing way to say your location happens to be in the entire world,
but “Global” still isn’t for activities unrelated to geography(?).

I’d try to make a community, but that requires using Google services.

Thanks for the feedback, kingu!

I believe the intent was that the Global Community is supposed to encompass everyone on the platform, so if you, for example, create an event that is intended to be for everyone around the world (like our weekly socials and town halls) then you can share them within the Global Community.

I do agree that the Europe, Africa & the Middle East part is a bit confusing. I think it was done this way to roughly account for similar time zones, but geographically it would probably make more sense to do it by continent.

The topic of this thread was regarding which communities you check in on. However, if you would like to discuss the topic of how communities are organized and named, please create a new thread so we can continue the discussion there. Thanks again!

Same here. I have done this with both meet ups and CS. Trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Cheers.

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Welcome Leo! Thank you for your contributions so far. If you haven’t already, you can apply to become a community builder.

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Thank you Emily, will PM you directly.