POLL: Are you checking in on any communities?

It’s been a while since we released communities on the app.couchers.org site and more pop up every day. Since we don’t have notifications yet, you have to check them on your own to see what’s going on in terms of local info, discussions, and events. The question is, which (if any) are you checking in on?

  • I check the global community
  • I check my regional community
  • I check my country community
  • I check my local community
  • I check multiple communities across the world
  • The communit(ies) I’m interested in haven’t been added yet
  • I’m not interested in communities right now

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Feel free to sound off in the replies about your reasons and concerns!

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For those whose communities haven’t been added yet: we’re recruiting community builders, you know…. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d be happy to host a community.

(But can’t video chat if that’s a requirement)