Posting any Events in your city?

Has anyone been posting Events in their city/village?

This seems like a really good way to build up community/spirit.
Even if you can’t host a private event, you can post about public events that are happenning in your area.
That’s what I used to do on C$ and now that things are gradually opening up again (because most people have been vaxxed) and public events are coming back, I’m doing it here on Couchers.

So what’s happenning where you live?

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We have a regular meetup in Istanbul every two weeks and sometimes a bowling event or other event on weekends. I’ve seen lots of activity in Manchester also. I believe you can see all the events going on globally if you click the “events” tab on :slight_smile:

You’re 100% right that it’s a good way to build up community. I’d say probably the best way along with creating local communication channels like WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram groups of Facebook groups.

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Thanks Emily. :blush:
I do know about the Events feature and look at it occasionally. I just posted this to start some conversation, hear from people about the Events they have organized, and hopefully inspire more people to post Events on Couchers.


Since a lot of communities are going to be starting from scratch, I also hope more people will start posting events! You don’t have to be a well-established event planner or community builder to start a regular meetup! If anyone is looking for more ideas on how to get an event going, I wrote about it in detail here.

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