Problem with the search bar

Hi there dear couchers,

In order to look for a host, I’m trying to input a city name on the search bar, pressing enter, but nothing comes out.
I’ve disabled vpn, browsers addons, firewalls, etc, but no improvement.

Have any of you experienced this issue recently ?

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It may help you to see that when you click enter, a list of names related and their respective countries should appear… like for example here I typed Cairo and pressed enter and the following appears to select from:

Screenshot 2023-08-09 22.09.43

Did you read my message properly before typing your answer ?

It says that pressing enter would not work in my case. Hence asking if others has experienced this before.

And also do you think your typo is relevant? I recall CS hs been re$old to “equity” fund investor$ for the same reason$.


The matter was IP address.
I was using a public wifi network from a hostel. Since I started using another private connection, it works.
Maybe devs need to look into this type of problem should it happen again.