Profile photo not uploading

I told about Couchers in a local CS group, and people are saying they have troubles uploading profile pictures, it just says “unknown error”. Any ideas why that could be?

Also, on a not very related note - are there plans to have pictures of your home? Question from the same group :grin:


Yeah, there’s some issues with the picture upload, we’re debugging that!

Yes, that’s a feature we’ll definitely add, but it’ll take a while to get it out.


Thank you!

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Tried to roll out a fix. Could you try the image upload again on some of the images that were failing before?

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Let me pass the word :slight_smile:

upd. Works! Thank you!

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Uff… Another person still has this error

We’ve updated again - it might fix the problem, but if not, it should give more helpful error messages now.

It would be great if anyone having the problem could post here/send us an image which is having trouble!


Thank you! I don’t really know the people who had it - I just mentioned couchers in a group, and they were commenting on it. If I get a chance, I’ll ask

I don’t know about people who already had troubles with it, but for the new users it’s working

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Hola:Si no consigues que la foto suba a tu perfil,reduce sus KB a 125kb aproximadamente y vuelve a intentarlo.Saludos a tod@s. Hello: If you can’t get the photo to upload to your profile, reduce its KB to approximately 125kb and try again.