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My profile web address, like I think everyone else’s, is: / profile#loc=1 / 0 / 0

A few times now, people have tried to send me their profile web address and just sent me the above web address, without realizing that it isn’t their profile address. Would it be complicated to get the profile address personalized? On, for e.g., it is:[username]

[UPDATE] Looking in more detail, I see inconsistencies here:

  • When I go to the top-right hand corner and “Profile”, it takes me to: profile
  • If I then click on my picture, it takes to: user/ davecogz
  • If I go to “View my profile” on the dashboard, it takes me to: profile

Could we have them all go to: user/ davecogz?

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Your profile URL is:[YOURUSERNAME]

I do think it would be more intuitive if it was /profile rather than /user, but anyway, there you go.

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Hey @Davecogz ! This is a great point to bring up.

I remember this was a point of feedback that had been brought up before. I just looked into our GitHub and saw that a PR has already been submitted for this. I’ll make sure it is a priority for future updates. Are there any other inconsistencies or issues that you have come across?

Thank you for the feedback!

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I see this is still the profile URL format. Did you mean the PR is meant to change it for[YOURUSERNAME] ?

Sorry @fracktal haven’t logged in for a while. What does PR mean?

PR stands for Pull Request, and it was actually a commment for @groovydom

…and Pull Request means proposing a code change to the main code repository :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks both.

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using is not good, while Beta is good, since the first one would ban many usernames that can be section of the site and sections could not be called with exixting username, not to say about the fact that having user allow to rewrite requests.

The message has been mangled by a shitty sanitizer.
I do not recognize the post as mine.

using<username> is not good, while<username> is good, 

was the original !

the text come correctly this time, but bold was not my entry.