Promote your own country/place on

Is it a good idea to have a place at to promote your own country?
There may be travellers who are looking for new experiences and could get some ideas.
Others may be flexible enough to journey to somewhere they wouldn’t have gone unless they read about it here.
For example, the Canary Islands is somewhere I know nothing about it and have never met anyone who’s been there.
Apart from having ‘the best climate in the world’, the Canary Islands have some amazing hikes and places to visit and if it wasn’t for Nolo I would never have known.

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Yeah, I can totally see that as a great idea! Personally, I’d even find it more intriguing than more “objective” pages and information about places. Members could write a personal account or presentation and that could be shared in various ways. Linked from your profile, presented on a map, in a general forum category, or even shared in a blog/newsletter.

I generally think it’s a great idea to offer a variety of opportunities for members that don’t want to work as volunteers or be especially active in a local community - or in addition to that - to just share or collaborate with others in an easy way. Be it a presentation like that or a travel story or simply a self-made Couchers postcard, we can have a space for sharing and collaborating on the forum and be open about how to integrate it with the app. I already shared my thoughts on setting up part of the forum for this in What are our goals with the forum?

So I guess we could lay this out with a new category and then flesh it out more as we go?

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I’ll be honest, most of the travel information I go to is WikiTravel or TripAdvisor and since that’s already a pretty well-established and collaborative place that is basically open to all, investment into something similar seems redundant. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, however I do see a great benefit of sharing experiences.

Having said that, if it’s not something integrated specifically with trips (post trip), the only type of thing that I can think of is a blog or simple entry of recommendations like they had other sites. I only focused on where I live, and wasn’t very motivated to go back to all the other places I’ve been. For me, writing a blog is enough of my commitment.