Public Trip

I have found that feature (surfers posting planned visit dates to area and party details) very useful. In HK there is in normal times a vast excess of demand over supply. I sometimes have a gap in availability to fill but if I change my setting to “Available to host” I am flooded with requests and surfers are frustrated. It is not easy to create an automatic diary facility to cover situations like “one couch available in spare bedroom for one person willing to share for last 4 days of April”.


so it would be kind of an optional calendar that hosts set up and guests can see? Another thing I can think of is, when guests are sending a last minute message and choosing their dates, they actually can only choose between those four days that you’d have a gap and a date in the future where you’re available again.
which could also help people who can only host on weekends or on weekdays. so if you as a host can only host on monday and tuesday your guest would have to choose on a monday-tuesday date on a calendar. I don’t know if this made sense lol

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We definitely plan on implementing a public trips feature down the road. It’s a highly requested and helpful feature - especially for big cities / popular travel destinations. Right now there is less need for the feature since the Community is still growing, but rest assured it will be implemented!

@eloi I really like the idea of an advanced availability calendar. There are plans to implement an optional availability calendar similar to what CS has on their native app, but it would be cool to see if we can enhance it a bit further.


Ref Calendar : may work for some people , especially if hosting only one or two people at a time, but I have found that when I have reached capacity depended on various factors such as relationship status (if any), acceptable bed configurations, availability of clean sheets of appropriate size (I like to protect the furniture!) , etc. I would generally not ask a male and female unknown to each other to share a small bedroom. All rather difficult to program but I do not know how many people that would apply to. Certainly needs to be optional. Plans change and it is sometimes possible to fit people in.

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