Quick growth is essential for couchers.org to survive

basic…everyone/members needs to see who is travelling and whom is hosting,this is essential to help this site grow. need less time wasted on opinions as to what proper behaviour is on this platform and more on promoting the site as THE alternative to couchsurfing or it will fail. i admire all of you who are trying to make this work and wish i could do more to help but it is up to you who have started this to see it through and make it a success.


Hi rikkivillage, do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this quick growth? Are you a growth hacker yourself? :slight_smile:
(yeah, #slowpoke answer)

unfortunately i do not have any great ideas but i am willing to host people in Belfast and that would be my contribution,a very essential one as hosts n travellers in cities around the world are what is needed to make this work. cs had potential hosts and travellers on show and
that made it easier to connect and increase the flow of traffic. I hope it works out but people will naturally want quicker results or they will use alternatives.

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Sounds like a marketing management type thing (someone to call the shots and lead efforts to use SEO, social media, blogs, cross posting, events IRL, advertising, whatever to draw people in, as well as making sure that the jist of the “product” is being communicated correctly to potential new users, and related things)

It looks like couchers has a volunteer position posted for this role (Unless it’s been filled since posting). I work as a graphic designer in marketing for small businesses, so that intrigued me at first. But then I realized that 5-10 hours was a bit much for me, and I’m also maybe a little green in my field to take that kind of a leadership role with a service I haven’t really used yet. Now, if there was a 3-5 hour assistant marketing manager volunteer position, I would be filling out the form so fast.