Remaining anonymous

If you click on a profile picture some members have their names displayed in full, while others only have their first name or a nickname.

How is it that some people become members and remain anonymous and can those members with their names in full have that changed.

You can choose how and if you share your Name in your account preferences, it’s entirely optional on the forum.

In general, we limited the visibility of user cards and profiles to logged-in users. So when you share a post, everyone will see the post, your miniature profile pic and your user name. But only logged-in users will be able to click on it and see your user card and profile page.

If you don’t want logged-in users to see your card and page either, you could even limit this option by marking the relevant checkbox on the Other tab in your interface preferences (Hide my public profile and presence features). That way the only information you openly share on the forum would be your posts.

We’re actually planing changes to the forum for when we have the beta version of the app ready. The main change will be that we will have the option for community conversation on the app. So the forum should decidedly be for meta discussions and sharing feedback and content between members and the volunteer team. We will also reflect this by moving the forum to another address, not using community in the address anymore.

Another consideration is that we want everyone to stay as anonymous as they prefer when sharing feedback on the forum. The app will not have these options to stay anonymous, but the forum will remain accessible with it’s own login and profile information. So the personal preferences as mentioned above will stay available on the forum.


Just as an addendum to anyone curious, you can also read and discuss more about that here.

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