Remove duplicate references

Hi all, I recently hosted someone on couchers, and received an email later asking me to write him a reference. I just went to his profile & wrote him one, but this still didn’t unlock the reference he had written for me. I guess the two references are supposed to be linked in some way, from the chat. So, I went back to our mutual messages, and wrote him a reference again to unlock the one he had written. But now, my reference appears duplicated on his profile. I don’t see a way to delete one of them. Could someone help me? This is the profile in question. Thanks.

Another idea is to actually link the two references together and show a link “Linked reference” to the two respective references on each others’ profiles.

Unless anything changed you can only generate a host/surf reference by visiting your hosting/surfing chat. By going directly to the person’s profile, you will generate a friend reference instead (which is not linked to your host/surf experience). Just so you understand why your surfer has 2 independent references that seem to be duplicate. In your case it would make sense to delete the friend reference. I hope somebody helps you. If you haven’t done so already you can try emailing to


Thanks Michaela, I’ve now written to the support email.