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On HelpExchange - one of the woofing platforms - members when receiving a message from another member, can see the email address of the person who contacted them and they are offered the possibility to reply to that person directly to their email address.
Having used HelpExchange myself for woofing, I really liked to see that when someone contacted me I could reply to them directly to their email address as this possibility promoted trust and friendship between the members and made it possible from the start for the two members to keep in touch more easily also outside of the platform.

With consideration to the fact that hospex platforms always promoted the positive aspects of cultural exchange between people and with consideration to the fact that more experienced members prefer to host and be hosted by members they feel they connect with at least at some level, maybe is a good idea to include this feature by allowing members to reply directly to the email address of the person that is contacting them.

What is your opinion about this? Do You think it is a good idea? Would You like to have such possibility implemented?

Use this with caution I would say.
Personally I don’t want my email to be exposed to someone until I explicit choose too in every case.


On WorkAway everyone is designated a fake email adress that you can converse with easily over email without actually having to log in the the account each time you want to reply to a message.

I understand what you mean about building trust, it’s like you are emacipating yourself from the host site and controlling the situation yourself, allowing for that stronger connection.

I wouldn’t like my personal email shared, but perhaps when a couch request is accepted there could be an option like

  • Share your contact details (which also includes your address)
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I think it’s a really good idea to be able to reply by email. The way to do it technically would be to have an email-forwarding setup so that each request would have a unique ID and you wouldn’t see the other person’s email address.

We could then also support things like auto-reply, so e.g. when someone requests and you’re not going to be home on those dates, you could simply reply to the email with “away” and the requester would get a notification that you won’t be able to host because the host is not in town at the time. (Then again these might be easier through a button in the email…)


I’d really need that feature. En route with but a shitty windows phone that doesn’t support any of the apps I always have to ask people to reply by email or SMS anyway, so it’d be nice to have email as an optional standard.


I think this would be great and also s possibility for people to say they always want their details shared, not only email but I’m a big fan of this for anyone who wants it of course, not as default.

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