Secret Santa!

Did you guys send and receive your Secret Santa last year? Except for richee and myself I hadn’t seen anyone else sharing any news like the year before.

I made a personal inquiry if my giftee received my package (and he confirmed he did).
I received nothing.

So I am just wondering if people actually participated.

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my roomie (also in Couchers) received :stuck_out_tongue:

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The first time my package arrived pretty much in time and I received one just short of Easter :rabbit: So that was pretty fun! Last year I neither received a package nor got news that mine arrived. As this seems to have happened to more folks I wonder as well if many people didn’t participate in the end.

In any case, I guess the way to promote it on the app would be to add Santa as a profile and then have him organize an event in the global community? But is it a good idea when it seems participation was already patchy here on the forum?


To be honest I think forum has fewer people.
And I guess the reason why some people didn’t end up sending out gift because too far (it can be very expensive if the country is far, plus my roomie’s parcel got stuck in destination custom for tax issue). We could encourage everyone to give information about mailing distance too, and write better description, introduce a bit more about themselves.
Another reason that participants are not many I think is that it was kinda last minute post.

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What did I just read :smiley: “your country is too far, so I decided not to send you anything” is a poor excuse for a hypothetical reason, why somebody might not have sent anything. Not even a postcard.

I don’t see any interest here, so don’t think I will be joining this year, but who knows, if you create a global event directly on the couchers website and I see it has a lot of participants there, I might reconsider and join!

If anyone would like to do Secret Santa #3, I suggest to:

  1. Start now, November is too late.
  2. Be transparent. The package needs to have the recipient’s and the sender’s name on it. The anonymous element from last year still baffles me…
  3. Advise people to do their research about import taxes. This is not the recipient responsibility. It’s the sender’s. It’s better to send something cheaper within the limits for the specific country than having the package not delivered at all, or make the recipient pay for their gift. I wrote about it last year if you scroll up.
  4. Let people know if you change your mind about participating (or if you don’t want to send a gift to a specific country) so Santa can find a different match for your recipient instead. Accidents happen and some packages get lost, but making people wait months for the package that somebody intentionally decided not to send (for whatever reason) is simply NOT OK.
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I agree that Santa was kinda last minute last year.
I didn’t receive my package from Santa last year due to customs and import taxes (I should pay more in tax than the package was actually worth in value)

a global even would be nice I think, although I am not sure if Santa is able to handle the logistic issues with sending parcels overseas.
I do think however, that receiving something from a foreign country is part of the fun.

It’s a shame that people didn’t report what and if they did receive something, but I know from a good source that there where not that many participants, which is a shame as well.

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I agree with Michaela that if we wanna do it this year, do it NOW.
If everyone is ok that we do it in the Couchers website (not in forum), let’s just open an account there and make it happen now. What do you think?


I agree it could be worth a shot on the app rather than the forum. I don’t have admin access on the app though, so if someone wants to take the lead on that:

  • you can just create a global event on the app
  • about a dedicated account, I guess you could also just create it, though technically it could go against terms of service to create an account on behalf of… well, that would be an entirely different discussion I guess what’s the ontological nature of Santa Claus :santa: …) We’re fine with giving imprecise location on the other hand, as I just read up that there is currently no definite geographical location as to where Santa’s workshop is located.

In any case, maybe reach out to first. Will also ping @jesse to see if he’s got some input on this?

Could also make sense to offer two options, whether you want to send a present/package or maybe just a postcard/letter?

Seems somebody posted!

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My present has been send out, hope that you (who ever you are) recieves it well and can use it.

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Thank you Secret Santa.
This key-rack will for sure be a nice addition to my new house.

Enjoy your X-mass (present) as well!


upside down ?

yes, it’s easier to take a picture that way :joy: