Share the link to your profile!

Hi all! Until the community features of the platform are more fleshed out, I would love to be friends with everyone on the beta or have a look at your profiles! Here’s a link to my profile. Feel free to add me as a friend, too.

Hint: Your profile URL is created from “

You can also put a link to your profile in your forum bio!


Here’s my profile.

The profile text formatting is a bit messed up so it doesn’t look very good, we’ll be fixing that up soon :slight_smile:

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I added a new field to the Preferences page:

Screenshot from 2021-04-04 01-26-47

So you just need to add the username from the Couchers app. Your forum user card will then show a direct link to your profile page on the Couchers app.

You might need to reload the browser window to make the new field appear!

A note on privacy: User cards pop up, when you click a user’s avatar or name, but are only shown to logged in users. So you don’t need to share that link in the first place, but if you do, it will only be shared with other forum members, not with users browsing the forum anonymously.

Your profile page on the Couchers app will also not be shown to anonymous visitors, but only to logged in users on the app.


Thank you for this excellent feature, @nolo! I’m so happy to have it! I really appreciate your attention to privacy, too. Thanks again.


Hi everyone, feel free to add me too: and say hi! If you ever pass through the Wisconsin area I’ll buy you a beer (or other non alcoholic beverage) :slight_smile:


I saw quite some members put their real names in that field now. But the link to the app profile depends on the username (, so giving the real name will direct to an error message (“Couldn’t find that user”). I’m not sure how to better word the description to avoid this… anyone has a good idea? The field shows up like this right now:

Still wonder how we could make the profile link more easy to understand as I see many links that lead to an error.

Well, I saw it’s not so obvious to find your username on the app, after you’ve signed up. When you navigate to your own profile, the browser address is just You’d need to search for your profile and then open your profile by clicking on the search result:

Only then you’d find your username in the address bar of the browser:

Screenshot from 2021-06-17 14-04-03

But you’d still have to remove the #loc=... part. So my username is nolo.

All in all this just seems too complicated to ask. In the long run, we want to go for a single-sign-on, so once you signed up on the app, you can automatically sign in on the forum. It’s not high priority right now, but probably the only approach to make that link work reliably.

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