Share your top couch-surfing experiences in less than 200 words

First heard of Couchsurfing™ back in 2005/6, created my account in early 2007 and first surfed with a host in Amsterdam a few months later. Not only he was ok to last-minute accommodate for double the surfers I had requested for (4, instead of 2), he took us to some really cool :smirk: places and, after a big night out, we woke up on Sunday to him cooking us a fabulous brunch!

Soon after I started hosting occasionally, but most of it took place when I lived by the beach in Nice/France (no wonder!). There I had some great guests, one of which treated me to some amazing breakfast he cooked, great conversations and travel stories. A few years after, completely by chance, we bumped into each other in Myanmar, and again the next year, at a festival in Spain!

But my best experiences have been in the several events I was organizing/participating, like the picnic Sundays, hikes in the mountains, movie sessions at home/cinema, and a party in someone’s villa, where I met many of my good friends for the next 3 years or so, while I lived there.


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