Should we have an open conversation section in the forum?

Hi all! As more and more people sign up to our forums, I’m wondering if there’s space for an area where we can have off-topic chats.

Note that once we have groups/discussions or other community features available on the platform, this forum will be for global discussion and feedback about the We’d probably want to encourage any “fun” conversations or off-topic stuff to take place on the community pages.

Even so, I’m wondering if there’s space for such a section here for now, and if so, how it could be set up or structured. Thoughts?

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Haha, why does it sound like: As more and more Eurovision fans join the forums, I’m realizing there’s no space where I can chat about it!!! :star_struck::exploding_head:

But yes, I also have a similar impression: the app and the Couchers community are growing… and trying to categorize all topics is maybe too rigid? We could drop sub-categories and just offer a few distinct conversational spaces? Like:

  • App Talk
  • Global Discussion
  • Chatter
  • Forum Feedback
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Because that’s exactly what I’m thinking… :crazy_face:

No, in all seriousness let’s see if anyone else really wants that before we make a change. I just thought there might be more room to get to know people and just talk about whatever, other than the “introduce yourself” thread. I could be wrong though!

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