Should we have special events for local festivals?

Local festivals can be such a great experience for surfers and local communities who want to introduce foreigners to their customs. I’ve always found that when travelling though that it can be hard to find them without doing a lot of research, and most of the ones I’ve seen are because I was just coincidentally there at the right time.

Events for festivals may require more effort to organise, and may attract a lot of people, so maybe we should give them a special status. Maybe we could broadcast them out ahead of time to people planning trips, or find other ways to make them easier to find. I think this could be a great way to get people to places that aren’t main cities.

What do you think?


we do this every year for carnaval, which is a “big thing” here.
But it’s more like a themed/planned pot-luck, limited to what our home can support.
60% to 80% still are friends who never saw it before, and there is always some travelers that found out by chance, like you said.
After that everyone who feels like it can go watch a part of the parade, and no limits there to join.
Normally we close the day with a dessert back at home.

It takes some preparation and I usually stay at home to get the house in order before everyone gets back,
so yeah, there is more effort involved.
But we like it this way, we can connect much better.

Almost forgot: sadly the parade will not happen next season.

Sounds like a great experience for everyone.

If there was a feature available that would alow more travelers and nearby communities to know about your town’s carnival, would you use that feature? Or do you prefer it to be treated the same as other events so it naturally limits the amount of people who will find it? I can imagine it could be a hassle if too many people said they would show up.

You launched a great idea there.

That said, in this specific case I would probably not use it.
But making a general event pointing out the parade, that is an option that would benefit travelers.
For those living in Belgium, if they’re not aware of this carnaval parade they live under a stone :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Christmas and New Year are coming up soon. They can be quite lonely times if you don’t already have family or a good plan. We’re lucky here in Adelaide as the weather is good then at evening time. Not too hot. So, if anyone is interested, it will be fun to make a pot luck dinner in our garden. I do some magic tricks and Hugh is a singer.

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