Stop counting dead profiles in members count

Yes, it’s true: we are well on the way to 20,000 members! We are extremely happy to report that there are now more than 19,500 of us—19,515 at last count. If you’re a regular reader of these emails then you know that we’re consistently hitting new milestones every few weeks, and we’re looking forward to hitting and surpassing 20,000 Couchers very soon. The steady growth in membership over the past year plus has been amazing to witness and keep track of; we look forward to seeing continued increases in the number of Couchers in 2022 as well as how that translates into real-world interactions. Thank you to everyone for their continued use of the site, feedback, and especially for helping us to gain new members—let’s keep this site growing!

And how many of them have created an account, 3,6 or even more months ago to never come back to the site ever again?

Stop counting anyone with an account that has been created more than three months ago, and that still has an empty profile, delete every profile that’s over a year old, and belongs to a user that has never done more than create it.


Deleting the account is not the right way I think, however, hide the account when people haven’t been online for say a month would be a better option (meanwhile also send them a message that you would hide their account but simply logging in would show them again).
Maybe after a year or so, you can delete the accounts.

Some people are just too busy in that month or so to log in.
Yes it sounds silly that you just can’t log in for a second, but that’s the truth for some people.

Also for some people there seems to be little to no incentive to log in because there seems to be no activity.


I also think just reporting account numbers is not a helpful metric. It’s like on cs where they include any account no matter even if it’s blocked, not payed, hasn’t been active in years…

I’d love to see stats that are telling our story. What Couchers is actually facilitating and what’s happening on the platform:

  • x members staying with other members
  • x positive references shared
  • x events attended
  • x messages exchanged

…in the last month and in total.

Trustroots has a transparent statistics page for example. Something similar but with a few more meaningful activity stats: Trustroots: travellers hospitality community


Nolo, that’s a nice approach too, however, I think also negative things should be scored, like negative references.
Couchers (and other sites alike) isn’t perfect and will never be, showing this shows how real we are.


Yes, I didn’t mean that we should hide the stats about it. But what parts of the stats to highlight and promote. E.g. on the trustroot statistics page, that’s what they highlight about messages:


But you can actually click on the graph and see message stats in detail:

So we could promote the fact that Couchers facilitated that many positive experiences. While still showing all stats in detail.

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Couchsurfing used to have (long ago) a very detailed stats page visible to the public before changing into a forprofit company in (i think) 2012, i can’t remember all the details of this stat page other than that it showed members per country (which Couchers already shows in a different way), they also used to show how many views you had on your profile :Þ


I would love to see us track and report stats that better capture the (hopefully increasing) level of activity of users, rather than just the total number of accounts.

But also, I saw this when logging in just now, and I have to admit, it did make me smile.



Yeah, 20k! :tada: