Suggestion: Avoiding Precise Address on Map

Hello developpers of the site! Thank you for the effort contributing to building the site up. I do have a suggestion here: it seems that the exact location on map can be shown very precisely on the map function, when searching for hosts, it is indeed convenient for surfers but to protect the privacy of the hosts, maybe it is better to use a blurred display of the address? Like to show only the neighborhood/area or reduce the precision into ~1 km/1 mile away from the exact address. Kinda like what they do on Airbnb. After confirmation, the host can send a message to the surfer including the precise location.

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Hey @waynejin1126 welcome to the forum!

Please correct me, but I think we do have good privacy options in place already. Because the locations that are shown on the search map are actually just as precise as each member wants theirs to be.

When you edit your location, you can drag the displayed location around the map as you like. And additionally set a random radius. So the pin on the search map is not necessarily where a member’s home is actually located.

Hello :slight_smile: sorry I was very new to the community and the website so I didn’t know this feature. Because my friends seem to put their precise locations and they were okay with it, I thought everyone else had to put the exact location too. That being the case, you guys are doing a great job! I appreciate that.

This question is answered, and there’s no problem about it so if the post needed to be deleted please do it.



Rather than setting a radius and allow the location to be but in a random place within the radius would be better to ask user to set a location at its choice that is not more than 10 minutes walk from actual place.
Doing this would avoid this risks:
If you live along a river if there are no bridges within many km you cannot put a radius that could mean you are on either bank.
So the proposal is just that you can set any place that is within 10 minutes walk from actual place, in case it would make it too much spcific one could avoid to put the marker.