Suggestion: "Surfing" menu on the top menu and specific "Surfing/Hosting" page

Hi’ there.

I still have to present myself but i just want to share an idea i just had. I hope no one has had it because i didn’t even check on other topics here on the forum. So start to spread shame on me lol.

Suggestion : a menu link in the top menu to a “Surfing” page.

Surfing page would containt hosting and hosted situation with basics informations about the journeys and some other possibility like “Write a review” :slight_smile:

Why ? I was trying to find the “Write review” button and i didn’t find it. I went to Messages > Request and didn’t see it there (where in fact it was, at the bottom of the conversation).
But thanks to the email reminder after surfing i was able to find it.
Yeah i could be more intelligent and take time to get to the bottom of the Messages/Request page but… well… it’s life :^p

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