Suggestions: Bigger text-entry box and 24 hour time

  1. Can you please make the Message text-entry box bigger, I’m using a full HD screen and all I can see are the last three measly lines of test that I have typed.

  2. Please don’t use (expletive deleted) am/pm times like the local time in the profiles I’m looking at, with very few exceptions, apparently only 18, most countries use 24 hour clocks, and people who use a site like this will have absolutely no trouble with them.

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Hey @prino - Thanks for your feedback!

As for messages - that is definitely one of the many design changes we plan to implement in the future. Here is a preview of the model that we hope to implement later on.

Times - That is a good point. Perhaps we should allow users to toggle their settings? Giving users the opportunity to choose between 24 hours vs. AM/PM?


If the reply is the “Hey Itsi!” part, it’s still a tiny box…

And as for the times, there is a perfectly good standard, ISO8601. Don’t complicate matters by offering toggles, keep your coding simple, and drag those 18 countries into the 21st century!

@prino What are your favorite message interfaces? We will definitely keep them in mind moving forward!

Explain message interface?

The one I’m now using to reply here on the forum is better than the one to initiate a conversation, but it still isn’t resizable in height, and I don’t really need to have the same text appear next to it in a formatted way, taking up the other half of the screen. For that a “Preview” function would be useful. Try to add some media detect code, I have a smartphone, but almost 100% of the sites that need input are accessed via a laptop with a full HD screen. I absolutely hate the tiny phone screens and on-screen keyboards.

You can resize the composer panel here on the forum. Just move the cursor over the teal-colored top border and then click and drag it up or down:

If you click the icon on the upper right corner of the panel you can also enter a full-screen mode.

This sounds like a great idea.

While I’m with you in spirit :slight_smile: , I think it would be a mistake to force users to use 24 hour time. A user-specific toggle is an easy and common way to handle this issue.

I really dislike it when I get requests telling me “I expect to arrive at about 4pm”, and although that’s something you cannot change, using 24 hour times throughout the site may make people think about using that themselves!

also avoid these (real) cases:

  • people send a request and is accepted. I replied that would not have been home until 20:30 . they replied that wanted to drop luggages as soon as possible, since they were arriving “early” in the city.
    I told them “if you want you can come between 7:15 and 7:40” they replied “fine, we will be there around 7:20” .
    The day they had to arrive at 7:30 no one had arrived, so I called them asking where they were … it took some time while they could understand me, since they were sleeping … it turned that they wanted to say “7:20 PM” and early did not mean "7 " but “18”
  • two people at dinner asked me how much time was needed from a museum to the staiton where they had to take their train next day. I asked “which train” they told me “the one at 1:42 PM” so i told "and how can you visit the museum that open at 8:30 ? They said "but our train is in the afternoon. I asked to see the ticked and saw chat it for for the train at 01:42, since when they asked at counter asked for two places in the train to venezia at 1:42 …
    and unfortunately on that year were trains both at 01:42 and at 13:42 so the request looked correct … so they did not visited the museum and had to wait one hour in the night.
    Just this week another group got tickets for the train at 4:38 instead than 16:38 (that is even worse since you have to wait more …)

Why is that?