The Importance of important Notifications

On couchsurfing I was having a problem all the time with notifications and the most important one lost in the middle of punches of notifications.

Focus on remind people of thier guests cause some times the confirmed guests was texting me and I can’t reply them immediately cause I didn’t see thier messages and some times they are urgently waiting for my reply


I wholeheartedly agree with you - I think we went something like more than a month without notifications arriving, and it made everything extremely confusing and difficult. Notifications HAVE to work properly in order for this platform to gain traction. Luckily, I know that the volunteers on all teams are taking this very seriously.

Are you happy with the way CS notifications work, when they are actually working?

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Hello all, I totally agree about the lack of notifications on CS. Sometimes notifications dont come at all although the settings say “Show Notifications”
However technically speaking if we need the notifications all the time the app should be working at the back ground which is also another energy consumption the developers should think of.
Yes we do want to be notified on time but we also don’t want our battery to be drained.

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I’ll write briefly please do ask be to elaborate if something is not clear:
*buttons on notifications
*Sticky notifications
*Repeating notifications
*Use matrix protocol for messaging
*Use element app for better communication
*Use parts of matrix based apps -there are two flutter apps and we could use the Android native with flutter perhaps using matrix Android sdk and even code parts of element Android or riotx
*Get people off the platform asap by adding *many buttons to more reliable platforms. See
*Allow calling for urgent things (maybe only for approved requests)