Tips for starting to get back into travel

After a 2 years pause from the pandemic. I think it will never end so I decided to travel again with caution.
Anyway, I am planning a trip in mid May to Banff, Jasper and Vancouver. Anyone want to travel together or even come out to hang?
How is the couching experience from everyone these days? It is kind of hard to find a host due to diminished community and platform.

BTW, anyone know how do set notification when I get a message in the main site?


Sounds like a lovely trip! Traveling from where?

I just got my first couchers request a couple weeks ago. expecting lots more as it warms up here in Montana, have only ever have one surfer come through in the winter (they were actually hitchhiking :flushed:) and am about to visit Tampa area in a few weeks and make a few requests of my own. Fingers crossed!

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I’m being notified by email for every new message I get. I’m not sure if that’s the default now or enabled by the Feature Preview for notifications.

I just enabled it. Finger crossed.

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From Toronto, Ontario.
Let’s hope the community grow much bigger. haha.

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