Unable to click on profile in messages. please fix this

hi when send someone a message and you go back to those messages later on you should be able to click on their profile… but it seems like this isn’t implemented. very tedious to go back on the map to go to person’s profile would be much simpler if you can click on their photo in messages to get there… can we implement this? also when will we be able to upload more than one photo? thanks…


Completely agree, I’ve asked the UI/UX team about this and they are brainstorming a solution now :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback!

As for uploading more than one photo, that’s a bit further down the pipeline as I understand but maybe someone on the development team can chime in.


I agree. I’ve also been finding this frustrating recently.

Thread here:

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thanks, both would be huge! more photos equals more personable and more personable can be more security. also can show a lot about a person’s personality.


Just wanted to let you know that an issue has been created for this on our github!