"Unknown content type" and other map search things

This interesting message just came up while clicking on user map pins in “map search”

unknown content

Also just got a “502 Bad Gateway” message come up for couchers.org

While I’m at it - here’s some other thoughts to do with Map Search:

  • I’m using mac, firefox
  • When you click on a user’s pin in map search it doesn’t center on the screen, but over to the right, which is annoying. This doesn’t seem to be an issue on mobile.
  • Because map pins don’t open in a new tab, I have to click the back button to go to the previous screen , which is always fully zoomed out again. In other words: it doesn’t remember what area I’ve been looking in, which means I have to zoom in again to find where I’m looking, which means I can easily forget which pins I’ve already clicked on. Can a cookie help with this? Temporary fix - I always right click > open in new tab all map pins.

Hey @gjw -

Thanks for notifying us about the error! I will ping our dev team so they are aware. If there is not a current PR for it, I will be happy to create it to address the issue.

As for the other feedback - the user pin issue doesn’t occur for me (using chrome), but similarly, I will reach out to the dev team to get some more information as to why this is happening. Could be a number of issues.

We are aiming to improve the pin selection and aim to optimize this interaction. It definitely is frustrating losing some recognition with the lack of that preliminary zoom feature. Our original prototype includes opening user cards in a new tab for easy reference back to the map (like your temporary fix, but without the right-click requirement), it just has yet to be implemented. I’ll see if we can get that changed sooner than later.

Thanks @groovydom.

Just checked on Opera and map function was centering as it should.

Just tried to login Safari (desktop) to check and got an “Ooops… that’s an unknown error” message instead, which is presumably a different issue.

Thanks for looking into map pins > new tab.