Unwanted last-minute requests

I do not host last-minute requests.
I selected this preference on my Home page: (Last-minute requests: No).
The two requests I got on Couchers so far were both with zero or one day notice.

Will there be in the future any way how to prevent getting last-minute requests? Perhaps a pop up window stating that the selected host do not accept last minute requests/automatically disable sending requests for today and tomorrow? Perhaps offering a calendar so hosts can block the days of their choice and have full control over their hosting days?

Selecting my preferences on my Home page currently doesn’t work.
I can always reject guests with:“I am sorry, I do not accept last-minute requests” but I would rather not receive last-minute requests at all if that make sense.


The current feature for that is just a “preference”, not a hard rule. Perhaps we can make that more clear. The idea is that users can look at all of the preferences before making a request.

But our intention is to make a calendar feature as you have suggested where you can block out dates and last-minute requests.


Great idea with the popup disabling being able to send a last minute request to those that don’t want them Michaela. And Im myself on the other side of the spectrum, wanting to plan FAR ahead. People usually asked me to ask again 14 days or so prior, but I like to know if I have a host or not.

P.S. the calendar function is nice but it needs to be said that anyone at any time can refuse to host anyone for just a “gut feeling” that is wrong.


Yes, I get it. The thing is that the majority of people on hospitality exchange platforms send copy and paste requests without reading profiles (and Couchers seems to be no exception).

Thank you for considering a calendar feature. I am really looking forward to it! The calendar on CouchSurfing was a lifesaver! It automatically blocked out days so people were unable to send me last-minute requests, it automatically blocked out dates when I had accepted surfers and I was also able to block out dates when I couldn’t or didn’t want to host so nobody was wasting their or my time by writing requests that couldn’t even be accepted. I don’t know what Couchers calendar will have to offer but even if it’s simple and I have to put everything manually, I would still love that! So big yes on the calendar! I would definitely use this feature!

Out of curiosity I tried to click on someone’s request button just to see how it currently looks when you want to send a request.

As the screenshot shows: the body of the request is empty and there is also no required field for the number of guests. This host not only doesn’t host last-minute guests but they also have 1 guest capacity. I didn’t read their profile and I am about to shoot them a request for today asking to accommodate me and my two friends. This host will end up with a request that can’t accept and will have to reject it. I think they shouldn’t be getting this request in the first place.

Yes, they can and they will. Hospitality exchange is a privilege, not a right. I personally do mention on my profile that sending me a request doesn’t guarantee that I will accept. There are a lot of things that will affect whether I accept or not (Did the person read my whole profile? Was the request genuine/personal? Do I feel good about them? Does the person have qualities I seek in my guests?).
But just like surfers have options to filter out their hosts, I as a host want to have options to filter out my guests (date and # of guests are absolutely crucial for me).


i don’t like the idea of an automatic unchangeable calendar feature, i often like to host multiple groups of requests at the same time (with everybodies acceptance ofcourse)

but i wouldn’t mind being able to block some dates from a calendar


On CS there used to be two options: either completely block out the dates once you had accepted guests (for hosts like me) or allow multiple requests (for hosts like you). I don’t know how easy or difficult it is to build these features, I am absolutely fine to block out everything manually.

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That would be super. Getting last minute requests is frustrating but I can understand. When people travel without funds for a “plan b” they have to “take their shot” for a free room.