User testing for Prototype

Hey guys!

We’re looking to test our mid-fidelity wireframes in the form of a mobile prototype. If you’re keen to join me for a quick chat and explore what we currently have, please reply in this thread with:

  • Your general availability (weekdays ok? weekends ok? timezone? mornings/afternoons/evenings?)
  • A short description of how you used/are using CS or hospex in general (less than 3 sentences please!)

You can drop me a PM within the forum if you’re more comfortable with that :slight_smile:

Please note the following:

  • Each session will take about 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • You’ll need to be able to access Zoom
  • We’ll be screen recording your interactions with the prototype
  • This version is a prototype meant to test the overall structure, so don’t expect too much in the way of slick designs etc.

Don’t worry if you see that others have already commented - over the next weeks/months we’ll need to do these 1-on-1 tests so the more the merrier! We’ll reach out to you as we schedule the calls. Thanks for your time in advance!


Well, if I have to speak you’ll have to deal with my shitty accent, but: why not.

I’m in UTC-3, usually available at my nights, more free on weekends. I use the whole thing (hosting, requesting, events, hangouts, everything)

Just drop me a DM and we’ll figure it out :blush:


Can you please explain this a bit better kelly?

How many sessions? Or for what time period? A month?

All of them?

Or i dont get it, will i use the prototype only while zooming with you? Or over a time period?
And than you record my messages or what? Profile pic?

I dont want to be troll, i would like to join, to challange you, if thats needed.

Mostly i was host, than surfer, than hangouts , and than sometimes events. But overall finding lifelong friendships. The rest time questions; i can pm you.

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Hey don’t worry, sorry if I wasn’t clear on my post!

For this round of user testing, it will only be a single 30-60 minute session of you interacting with the designs that we have now. During this session, I (or another tester) will be chatting with you and with your permission, screen recording how you click around or interact with the prototype.

This is solely a mobile design prototype - it is not built or coded, so you will only be clicking around and won’t get to enter anything, so no personal details will be recorded :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


I’m super excited to hear feedback from users! This will really help the design team make improvements and help polish the user interface so the platform is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use. Hopefully we get even more volunteers to try it out!

Your English is totally fine girl!! I’m glad you’re interested.

I’d be happy to do it too, Kelly!

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hey there
I can also test this prototype.
I am in IST time zone and these days I could be free during anytime of the week. I used CS for all, hosting, surfing,hangouts or events

Let me know

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Hi @kellyt, I am available to collaborate on the testing.

Availability: for my agenda the optimum days are between Monday and Thursday anytime between 10:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC; if these are incompatible with your agenda then I am willing to make time for this project in a time frame that suits You better.

Use of CS/HospEx:

  • usual: updated regularly my profile, searched for hosts, hosted guests, communicated with other travelers via the messaging system, participated in discussion forums.
  • rare: hosted events, participated in events, suggested to staff ideas for implementation.
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