Weekly Online Event (Sunday)

only 4 people sadly.

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The weekly online Event on Sunday is running today!
Join us, the link can be found at https://couchers.org/

Sunday event is still going, hope still going strong.
All come, all join, it’s free and usually fun!
We start in a few minutes.

The weekly online Event on Sunday is running today!
Join us, the link can be found here.

Hi all! This event is currently on hold due to lack of attendance :slight_smile: I can’t blame you, it’s summer and the weather (at least in Europe!) has been fantastic.

If anyone would like to start the Sunday night event up again, please comment here. You are welcome to change the time or even the day, as long as you commit to doing it every week - or, if we have multiple people interested, maybe we could rotate the hosting. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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I’ve been wanting to join, but for a night owl like myself, 8 a.m. is just too early.

I’m in the US, and even if you could move it ahead a few hours when you restart, that would help.


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What about the Tuesday weekly event? That should work for you, no?

I’m old and very bad at times. It sez. 6-7 am. :face_vomiting: Is that European time? If so, yes, a night meeting would work for me but you folks really have to make sure WHAT time zone the meeting is being held at.

On the forum and the platform it will always show the time in your local time (assuming the clock on your computer/phone is correct).

The Tuesday meeting is definitely too early for pretty much everyone in North and South America, and we used to have meetings on Sunday as well which were in the early afternoon for North and South America but lately attendance has been low (probably because the weather is starting to warm up and people are out and about again!)

It would be fun to start another evening meetup online; we just need someone to organize and host it. Anyone can create an online event on the platform and advertise it here in the forum.

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